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ListenField is founded by two scientists who have strong passion and determination on improving agriculture society by technology.


Our team is a combination of multinational scientists specialized on big data and agronomics.


Rzassarin Chinnachodteeranun, Ph.D. | CEO and Co-founder

Rassarin has an engineering Ph.D. on “API Integration Platform for Agronomic Models”. She has passion on creating a bridge between advanced research and agricultural industry. She also has experience in generating a national policy for information and technology.

Hiroyoshi Iwata, Assoc.Prof.

Dr. Iwata is an expert in bioinformatic on plants and genomic selection.

Apichon Witayangkurn, Ph.D. R&D team, Big Data

Apichon is an expert on hadoop cluster, spatial information and drone data analysis.

Eunjin Han, Ph.D.
R&D team, Agronomist

Eunjin is an expert on hydrological and agricultural modeling, climate risk and water resources management, optimal integration of various observations with numerical models for better decision making.

Kiyoshi Honda, Prof.


Prof. Honda has more than 20 years’ experience in remote sensing and GIS internationally. He is a pioneer on interoperability in environmental data and analytics in agriculture, Japan.

Wirawit Chaochaisit

Big Data Engineer

Wirawit is an expert on Semantic Sensor Web, Ontology, Linked Data, Semantic Computing, IoT.

Amor VM Ines, Ph.D.

R&D team, Agronomist

Amor is an expert on integrations of advanced modeling techniques, remote sensing, seasonal climate forecasts, and near-term climate change time-scale information for decision support in agriculture and water management.

Mr. Ryoichi Iseda

Marketing and Business Strategy

Ryoichi has 20 years of experience in M2M business development.

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© 2017 ListenField Co, Ltd.
All Rights Reserved