Field Sensor API





ListenField’s field sensor API uses interoperable mechanism for handling datasets consistently across different devices. ListenField automates complex back-end processes by connecting devices in the field, format and provide such data to applications and observed data for analytics models.


Currently, the platform is managing more than 1000 field sensors and more than 100 field platforms including the National climate databases.

●  Standard API for registering diverse sensors

●  Single API for accessing data

●  Management console

●  Metadata Management; Unit of measurement, Location

●  Field ontology

●  Standardized Data Format; O&M format, CSV, JSON

●  Watchdog & Status management

●  Mission critical solution

●  Pipeline to analytics Models


●  Int’l Standard Web API; Sensor Observation Service(SOS). Japanese government announced SOS standard for managing environmental data for Japan. It is published on this link.

●  Sensor Ontology; fully compatible with guidelines on environment information data items in agricultural IT System (link)

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© 2017 ListenField Co, Ltd.
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