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Now, ListenField is very excited to launch its unprecedented predictive analytics service for agricultural industry in Japan. This service will provide predictive information for farmers to make better decisions on farm management. This service enables farmers to answer “what if” questions better regarding a plan to plant on any particular day. When will be the flowering date, maturity date and harvesting date? What will be the expected yield? What are possible weather scenarios for the next cropping season that influences these predictions?

“Last year, Obihiro farmers faced a big rainfall and disaster at the best time for sowing wheat. Farmers could not sow as the land was muddy and tractors could not go in for land preparation and sowing. After the rainfall, they had to decide whether they still plant even the best time has delayed or give up sowing and plant green manure (bean as a fertilizer) and plant different crops for the next season. If farmers had the ListenField’s service and saw the potential impact of the delayed sowing, they could have made a decision with more confidence.” – Prof. Honda


With our new innovative service, farmers easily can get answers for those questions.


“We analyze historical climate, soil information, farm management practice and cultivar data for predicting crop development stage (flowering date, maturity date and harvesting date) and expected yield in coming crop season for farmers. Farmers can get insight information for better decision and reduce risk caused by climate uncertainty”- Dr. Rassarin

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