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ListenField ‘s API Ecosystem is an innovative service that integrates and analyzes fragmented agro-environmental data and provides predictive insight to users. You can easily embed advanced functionality to IT agricultural applications or into your data analysis pipelines by calling our API.

ListenField's service enables efficient management of fragmented agricultural data collected from satellites, drones, field sensors and on the ground and adds tremendous value to farmers, solution providers and governments by generating predictive insight based on on-demand analytics.

Here is our API Ecosystem that helps automate your work and reduces your workload significantly.

Connection API

Simulation Dashboard

Precision Farming by Satellite Data

Analytics API

Customize Simulation Model

Crop Prediction API

Machine Learning (ML) for Crop

●  Field Sensor API

●  Climate Analytics

●  Precise Farm Scale Simulation

●  NDVI and fertilizer application map from high resolution/frequency satellites

●  Yield Prediction

●  Machine Learning Model for Specific Crop

●  Drone Data API

●  High Resolution Soil Profile Analytics

●  Customize Model

●  Crop Cycle Prediction

●  Satellite Data API

●  Satellite - Crop Status Analysis

●  Crop Development Prediction

●  Farm Data API

●  Drone - Crop Status Analysis

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© 2017 ListenField Co, Ltd.
All Rights Reserved