We provide data integration & an analytics platform for precision farm management
Field IoT Integration
A service for collecting and managing data from field IoT devices. We provide a Zero-configuration API which allows users to connect and manage their IoT devices without being concerned about device and network configuration.
Farm Data Pipeline
This service improves the efficiency of farm data management and facilitates data exchange among agricultural industry stakeholders.
Modern farming requires increasingly detailed records of field operations, such as planting, spraying, fertilization, and harvest dates. This is motivated by regulatory pressure and the supply-chain interest in traceability and sustainability.
Actual situation
Farmers and their partners use multiple documents to exchange field operations information. This multiplicity causes a lot of overhead, time spent formatting data.
ListenField’s farm repository is compatible with the ADAPT data model by AgGateway. In addition, we have improved data flow and structure, in order to enhance data access speed and search capability. We provide a plugin mechanism for data exchange which doesnt modify existing databases.
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