April 23, 2021

INNOVATORS VS COVID 19ListenField is Betting that Precision Agriculture Will Help Make a Better World

How does ListenField innovate?

Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun: Notwithstanding decades of investment and technical improvements in agricultural production, it is clear that the ability to understand, predict and control crop output remains limited, unlike, say, manufacturing electronic parts. ListenField strives to introduce novel methods, and integrate existing technological tools, formulating them into a predictive modeling platform that would be useful for many agricultural applications. The solutions derived from our model are aimed at achieving our goal of “Precision Agriculture”: to produce an abundance of high-quality crops in a way that saves on scarce resources, thereby minimizes costs as well as unwanted impacts on the environment.

Our predictive analytic model seeks to integrate all key variables in such a way that we are able to fully understand how these variables interact with one another. More precisely, we want to develop the capability to monitor and assess how key variables individually and collectively make plants grow, produce and reproduce, and do so remotely from anywhere in the world.

Under prevailing conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic, the most challenging thing for farming is that we cannot visit our farms. Our technology solution helps the “social-distancing” world remain operationally connected. We are gratified that our team in Thailand and Japan can continue to do important work, for example, in accurately assessing orange tree inventory in the US during the past year, and this project is continuing into 2021. We are proving that our technology can provide accurate and comprehensive tree health information at a much lower cost compared to the conventional manual on the ground measurements and survey now being used.

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