Machine Vision for Precision Farming

AI-powered satellite imagery and drone imagery for crop health monitoring and tree inventory management

Satellite-based crop monitoring for improving productivity

Our farmers and farm managers can monitor their field precisely with our crop health analysis by satellite imagery via FarmAI web application (
The growth curve is available from the beginning of a season until the present to help our farmers monitor a field performance.

Appropriate color enhancement is important to find hot-spots. Applying our appropriate color allocation according to the growth stage, you can find the reason for anomalies and improving their management.

Several success cases are now telling by our farmers. For example, our rice farmers found the maldevelopment by looking at our growth analysis by satellite.

AI-based tree recognition technology makes it possible to identify individual tree and it’s health conditions. This technology contributes to increasing the efficiency of high-value plant on-farm management and inventory management, especially in large scale plantations. This is to help our farmers manage their farms with less risk but hi-productivity.

Inventory management with AI-powered satellite and UAV imagery

We are now developing AI-powered satellite imagery for tree recognition. This will be a big step for large scale monitoring of inventories.

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