October 16, 2019

Sustainable farming and how data can help at TNW 2019

The new web conference is one of the biggest events for startups.


Rassarin was invited by Rabobank to join the panel discussion on data for agriculture at TNW 2019

At the panel discussion, we talked about sustainable farming and how data can help. My opinion is that we need to provide actionable data so that farmers can get benefit from the data. The data needs to serve receivers need meaning the data need to help receivers to make a better action or decision. Farmers do not care about temperature data but they do care if we can suggest that EX. regarding this phenomena, there is a high risk for a disease, they need to prepare for taking action to reduce risk.

Thanks to the organizers that make me feel comfortable before the panel discussion.

“The rockstars at Rabobank, Connecterra BV, Tarla.in, and ListenField discussed how AI is helping farmers and promote hashtag#sustainableagriculture.”


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