Predictive analytics platform to boost farming productivity from planting to harvesting

The FarmAI Dashboard is a practical web-based solution for agri-food companies to monitor fields & farms. Receive real-time crop insights that actually matter without driving into the fields - including the status of crop health, soil nutrition, and underperforming areas. FarmAI enables you to manage thousands of fields and farmers remotely. FarmAI comes with our unmatched agri-environmental analytics engine. We collect data from multiple sources, including field sensors, soil scanning, weather data, seasonal forecasts, satellite imagery, and farming logs. Our analytics engine is backed by machine learning and channels all data into a single API to provide you with actionable insights to optimize resources, improve efficiency, and connect with your growers.


Use the FarmAI dashboard to manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of fields and farmers remotely.

25% higher

Accuracy of yield prediction

15% decrease

In field visits/ground surveys

20% efficiency

Gain on field investigation

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FarmAI Ecosystem

The FarmAI Ecosystem is a single platform (dashboard, API, mobile application) for agri-food businesses and farmers to collaborate in order to optimize productivity from fields to factories.


FarmAI comes with customizable features tailored for your business.

Yield prediction

 Crop health monitoring

Weather data at field level

Soil characteristics
& nutrition

Activity log for individual fields

Growth performance monitoring

FarmAI improves SUNSWEET’s sweet corn farm management

SUNSWEET, a sweet corn manufacturing and distribution company, teamed up with ListenField to use FarmAI to improve their sweet corn production by contract farmers. Besides yield prediction to optimize planning and operations down the value chain, FarmAI is used to detect diseases in the fields and to predict optimal fertilizer application (amount and timing).

The Farm Management Mobile Application for Smart Farmers

Collaborate with your farmers via the FarmAI Mobile Application.

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