ListenField's Deep Analytics for Your Application

AgroAPI opens ListenField’s analytics to clients. The integrated API's cover weather, crop simulation, field sensor integration, and satellite remote sensing. Clients can embed deep analytics in their applications, including crop growth prediction and remote sensing analysis, without developing complicated algorithms and data pipelines by themselves. We provide analytics API's with high scalability responding to the specific needs of our customers.

Weather Generator API

Future weather scenarios are crucial data for crop growthprediction. The weather generator API takes into accountprobabilistic seasonal forecasts and then generates amassive number of future weather scenarios.

Crop Simulation API

The API predicts crop phenology and yield. ListenField has developed a hybrid simulation system that combines industrial standard crop models and AI models. By taking weather data into account, it predicts future phenology and yield with confidence ranges.

Field Sensor Integration API

ListenField operates a field sensor data platform that integrates different sensor systems. Clients can obtain sensor metadata and data through a single API regardless of physical sensor configuration.

Satellite Remote Sensing API

Clients can easily obtain vegetation-related indices generated from satellite remote sensing data. The indices cover NDVI, NDMI, and NDWI. The API has advanced features such as canopy cover for a specific crop and early warning of low growth.

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AIS’ upgraded farm management solution

AIS, Thailand's largest mobile network solution provider, works together with ListenField on their farm management solution. AgroAPI speeds up the development process of AIS’ own solution by providing predictive analytics models. In addition, the overall capabilities and scope of the existing solution are expanded. “ListenFields’ strength lies in predictive analytics for farming. AgroAPI enables our team to develop farm management applications with advanced analytics capabilities.” - Solution Integration Team, Advanced Info Service (AIS)

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