December 23, 2022

2022 in Review

2022 marked a tough year for many farmers. The agricultural industry all around the world was challenged with increasingly expensive input costs. Although we might see a downward trend of input prices again in 2023, the current price crisis will leave its echo in the upcoming years as well. 

We, as a precision agriculture technology company, try to tackle those challenges by providing insights that help save on input costs like fertilizer. Via the use of various data and our strong predictive analytics engine, we help food companies and farmers to use inputs more efficiently. Thus, we are helping to produce more food with fewer inputs. 

But it is not only us. Many companies are involved in creating practical solutions for farmers, including software providers, machinery companies, and fertilizer companies. All of them must combine their strengths and work together to advance tomorrow's agriculture. Therefore, collaboration, integration, and compatibility with other solution providers are key success factors for providing practical, affordable, and sustainable solutions for farming. 

A few achievements of our company in the past year are worth highlighting:

  • We analyzed soil in over 9 provinces in Thailand and 2 provinces in Vietnam
  • We provided crop health monitoring for over 100,000 ha of agricultural land
  • Our solution achieved more than 10% fertilizer reduction
  • We provided traceability for cassava 
  • We started a pasture monitoring project in Colombia
  • We met with Mr. Ramon Laguarta, the CEO of PepsiCo to discuss soil health, healthy potatoes, and wealthy growers
  • We participated in Agri Week Tokyo as an exhibitor

Last but not least, our products contributed to SDGs No. 2 (‘No Hunger’) and No. 9 (‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’).  

We want to express our gratitude to our customers and partners. In 2022, we worked together with many inspiring companies that are helping to transform the way we produce food. AgroCares collaborated with us for our newly launched soil nutrition tool which we are excited to roll out on a larger scale next year. Special thanks also go to Kubota, our strategic partner and investor. 

We wish everyone an awesome holiday season and are looking forward to working with you again in 2023. 

It is time for the agriculture of tomorrow. So let’s shape the future of farming together! 

Sincerely yours,

ListenField Team

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