February 11, 2024

Beyond the Fields: Boosting Development Productivity with Good Infrastructure at ListenField

Level Up Farming & ListenField's Development with NixOS

At ListenField, we harmonize our model development and data engineering with NixOS. By doing so, our data engineers can stay focus on developing models for farmers and farming communities such as predicting crop maturity, yield, even sweetness!).

I'm using NixOS on all my machines. This is I would say the biggest problem with NixOS - when you start to use it, you can hardly go back to anything else. Nix is replacing so many tools and solving so many headaches. Instead of having to remember a dozen of configuration file formats and tools, I learn Nix once and can configure my whole environment the same way on all my machines. Nix makes stuff like rvm, nvm, Ansible, Docker, and many others a thing from the past. Every single configuration of my system is present in my NixOS configuration, down to the scrolling behavior of my touchpad (i.e libinput.touchpad.naturalScrolling = false;). It also makes experimentation on your system a breeze. I know that any change I make, I can revert in a second.

Interested in more detail? Dive into our CTO's interview: link to the article.

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