June 1, 2023

Can FarmAI upgrade your machines to improve yield and reduce fertilizer use?

At present, the agricultural sector encounters numerous challenges, including rising food demand, shortage of farmers, and ensuring consistent yields amidst climate change. Farmers are actively seeking innovative solutions to address these issues. 

"FarmAI x Smart Machine" is a project that aims to convert farmer machines into smart machines by integrating them with our FarmAI Platform. In this project, we harnessed the power of data and automation to optimize efficiency and workflows. What sets this service apart is its accessibility—it seamlessly integrates with any machine, ensuring that every farmer can benefit from its capabilities.

Image1: Thai local machine x FarmAI

We monitored farmer work performance, analyzed the data, and offered suggestions to minimize field work duration, optimize fuel consumption, and enhance overall efficiency. Farmers also had access to fertilizer variable ratio maps that also provided optimal fertilizer recommendations based on rice growth, showcasing how precision technology benefits farmers. This system has been successfully implemented and tested with farmers in Thailand, where it helped reduce their fertilizer use by 15% and increase rice production by 18% during the first season. It's worth highlighting that we also provided monitoring and suggestions for land leveling, alternative wet and dry rice practices, and fertilizer adjustments, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the fields.

Furthermore, this project brings transparency to the agricultural supply chain by precisely tracking and recording land preparation and all machine activities. This comprehensive monitoring helps farmers meet quality and safety standards like GAP certification and ISO 22000. 

Through this machine integration service, along with our crop monitoring services, the FarmAI provides much needed tools that empower farmers to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and achieve more productive and profitable operations.

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