February 7, 2021

How Precision Technology Can Contribute to Regenerative Farming?

Inefficient farming causes degrades the land, destroy organic material in the soil, and pushes excessive amounts of fertilizers and agro-toxics to nature and vulnerable communities

Precision technology is the way to help farmers to understand the needs of plants to give the right treatment, right time and right amount. We are combining information from above the ground and below the ground to product insight for community and farmers.

Our farm management system provides community driven farming. Group of farmers can share local knowledge such as soil fertile with green manure from local material. ListenField brings scientific data to help monitor crop growth and field performance on digital platform. Agronomists can provide better advices by looking at data.

ListenField Satellite Imagery Technology

Inspired by → https://visevic.medium.com/how-food-agriculture-and-land-use-will-have-to-change-to-tackle-the-climate-crisis-704a673f416

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